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    If you are willing to learn digital clothing process and tools either academically and practically and to be digital clothing professionals, please contact us. At Digital Clothing Center, you can get exceptional digital clothing courses which are varied and customized for your goals. Our instructors are innovative achievers and industrial pioneers.
    Our digital clothing programs will expand your careers and capabilities beyond the normal.
    We also encourage and support you to research and write papers related in digital clothing from various point of views.



    - Advanced / Intermediate / Beginner
    - Each curriculum can fit to a Week / 2 Weeks / a Month / 3 Months / 6 Months / a Year.

    target Based Workforce

    Industry Professional

    DC  Power User DC Instructor

    DC Seminar
    (1~3 hours)

    Basic of DC
    (30 hours)

    DC  Stylist
      (60 hours)

    DC  Modelist
    (60 hours )

    Digital Fashion Show Production Course
    (80 hours)

    Instructor Training Course
    (100~300 hours)


    - Introduction to Digital Clothing
    - Fundamental of Digital Clothing Process

    Digital Pattern Making , Textile Design (including Illustrator and Photoshop )

    Digital Grading and Maker making

    Advanced Digital Clothing Tools, Digital Fashion Show Production

    Digital Fashion Design and 3D Fitting Simulation ,
    Actual Clothes Manufacturing through Digital Clothing Process